Peter Davies

Peter Head Shot

Hometown – Vancouver

Ethnic background – English

Jobs – Too many to count, now Social Media

Live in DTES? – Yes

Write About? Social media

Type of Writing – Fiction and local events

Likes – Food, money, electronics

Dislikes? Lazy People

Favorite Food – Meat

Favorite Color – Black

Favorite Music – Classic Rock

Favorite Memory – Camping with Family


Roberto Gus

Roberto Gus

Hometown –  Port Alberni

Jobs – Labour

Live in DTES? – Yes

Write About?  Whatever Pops Up

Type of Writing – Sharing stories

Likes – Giving and Sharing

Dislikes? I don’t hate anything

Favorite Memory – My Grandmother


Ron McKenzie

Ron McKenzie

Hometown – Charlotte, North Carolina

Ethnic background – American

Jobs – Cook, Crane Operator

Live in DTES? – Yes

Write About? – Harm Reduction

Type of Writing – Opinion Pieces

Likes – Canoeing, Fishing, North vancouver

Dislikes? People using in the Alley

Favorite Food – Pork Chops

Favorite Color – Green

Favorite Memory –  getting out of the service after 15 years of being a Marine


William J. Michaud


Hometown –  Niagara Falls

Ethnic background – Mutt

Jobs – Artist, Carpenter, Accounts Manager

Live in DTES? – Yes

Write About? Life’s Moralities

Type of Writing – Sci-Fi, Horror, Humour

Likes – Music, Art, Writing,

Dislikes? Egg Plant and Jerry Lewis

Favorite Food – Fish and Chips

Favorite Color – Transparent or Neopolitan

Favorite Music – Blackmore’s Night

Favorite Memory – Picnics with my Mom


Robert Milton

Robert Milton headshot

Hometown – Gitanyow, ( Prince Rupert ), BC

Ethnic background – First Nations ( Gitksan)

Jobs – Carpenter

Live in DTES? – Yes

Write About?  Poems in our lives

Type of Writing – Homeless people

Likes –  The Outdoors, Different Colors

Dislikes? Sushi, Bullies and Racism

Favorite Food – Pasta

Favorite Color – Navy Blue

Favorite Music – Alternative

Favorite Memory – Dip Net Fishing for food


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